Landscape Design

The Schubert Team is Going Green

The Schubert Design Team is committed to creating environmentally friendly landscapes.  We realize that our natural resources like water are of concern for the future generations.  Every step we take can lessen the Carbon Foot Print we put on this world and as a result will benefit our future generations.  So through our innovative landscape designs we implement Smart Watering and Soil Technologies that are designed to use less and capture more of our precious resource “Water”

Contact us today to find out how we can design your new or existing yard to help lessen your Carbon Foot Print on this planet.

Landscape Design

When you go home, how do you feel about your outdoor living space?  Are you embarrassed? Does it need attention?  Or are you just tired at looking at the same old landscaping?

Well, the Schubert team is here to help revitalize & bring beauty back to your outdoor living area. Living area? It may seem strange that we would call your yard a living area, but when your yard is designed for your needs and your interests then it becomes more than a lawn with plants around it.  It becomes an outdoor living area, a retreat, a place of meditation and relaxation; it becomes “your” place.  Could you imagine your perfect out door living space?  Would you be standing behind your hot grill, preparing your favorite entry?  Or is it evening and your enjoying the soothing sounds of a tranquil waterfall as you sit around a fire with the company of your friends and loved ones

You see here at Schubert’s we do more than just construction in yards.  Our aim is to improve the quality of the lives of our customers by creating a living, breathing paradise, a retreat just for you.  An area that you will enjoy and will always want to be in.

The design stage; during this stage we talk about what you would like to experience in your new outdoor living space.  We then create that space through design drawings.  It is here that you can finally see the possibilities & potential of your yard; you can even make changes as to what you want to experience in it.  Once your perfect outdoor space is designed, we will then get to work transforming your yard into that vision. 

So from Consultation to Design through the Final Construction we are with you ever step of the way.   You can be sure that with the Schubert Team Your satisfaction is our goal as is building a good customer/contractor relationship with you.


Creating Paradises since 1964