Sprinker Repairs

Are your sprinklers causing problems? Dry spots, leaking sprinkler heads, broken irrigation lines? Or your sprinkler system needs to be systematically gone through? Or a completely new sprinkler system? Or maybe your irrigation clock is not working correctly and/or you need someone just to show you how to run and set up your system properly.

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Rest assured that Schubert landscaping can repair all outdoor irrigation systems. Whatever you need regarding your outdoor irrigation system we can fix your irrigation system. We maintain and fix both commercial and residential sprinkler systems. Our irrigation repair service is based upon time and material. When we show up at your property our trucks are fully supplied of irrigation repair products. Therefore we are not going back and forth to a supply house picking up parts.  irrigation product is fully stocked on our vehicles such as Rainbird, irritrol, Hunter, superior, drip fittings and many other brands fitting your specific needs at the property. When we arrive for an irrigation repair we are ready to repair your irrigation system that day.

Drip irrigation:

As technology has really advanced, drip irrigation system and water saving technology has been implemented into most all of our designs and repair process. When repairing an irrigation system we want to maintain proper water volume at each plant or area in which we are trying to water. Drip irrigation is a key component in our designs and repairs. With the importance of saving water or retrofitting to a more water-efficient irrigation system, drip irrigation is a good alternative to saving water. We carry a large supply of drip irrigation repair items in our vehicles. Most of our new designs incorporate a drip irrigation system. Especially are drought tolerant designs and renovation landscaping installations. Drip irrigation is a key component to saving water. Most irrigation can be buried below the soil or shredded bark. When this is done correctly irrigation system can last for many years without much repair.

Irrigation clock:

As technology has advanced so has irrigation sprinkler timer clocks. We carry a full supply of irrigation clocks where weather sensors can be implemented into our repairs and/or designs. These new weather-based irrigation clocks save money in the long term using less water and responding according to whether at your current location. During our irrigation repairs or retrofitting these weather-based irrigation clock implemented into your repair process. Saving you time and money in the long run. Just think on vacation and not worrying about your irrigation clock if it is raining outside or waking up early in the morning to shut off your irrigation clock because it is raining outside. These new irrigation technologies are there to help save you and your family time and cost in the long run with water bills.

Sprinkler valves:

During an irrigation repair or retrofit we offer a full line of outdoor sprinkler valves. Whether these valves are in the ground or above metal or plastic Schubert landscaping can repair or upgrade. Sprinkler valves are the main component before any water will be distributed to the sprinkler heads. If your sprinkler heads are leaking or water dribbling out of the nozzle this is usually because the sprinkler valve is not shutting properly. The sprinkler valve needs to be replaced taken apart and cleaned out or readjusted using the cross on the top? These new sprinkler valves are made out of UV protective material to help resist the sun rays. These new sprinkler valves technology truly has advanced over time.

Sprinkler heads:

Lawn sprinklers and planter bed sprinklers distribute a certain amount of water depending on the location. During a repair, we will inspect and modify and or replaced an irrigation head based upon how it is responding to the environment it is placed in. Each sprinkler head distributes different gallons per minute therefore different nozzles or sprinkler heads are required for different areas. During a repair modification or upgrade a proper head installation will be implemented into your design or repair process. Many times a sprinkler will leak when it comes on because of the seal or poor design such as on a slope with no anti-flow device preventing water exiting sprinkler head once a system is off because of runoff of the hillside. These small but important designs save money in the long run.