Landscape Design: 

Here at Schubert Landscaping we have a qualified design staff that can help design your outdoor dream living space.  From Concept & Design, through the complete installation we are with you every step of the way. Our design team specializes in Custom Outdoor living, so let us help you design or even re-design your outdoor space.

Garden Design & Installation: 

The economic crisis dictates that we have to be pro-active in finding a means of providing for our families.  Simple gardening technologies are available to produce a sustainable food source for each member of your family.

Pavers Installation: 

We take our paving installation very seriously, as a testimony to this we have members who are ICPI Certified Paver Installers (INTERLOCKING CONCRETE PAVEMENT INSTUTUTE).  We hold to the ICPI standards for all prep and substrate work and the paver installation.

 CLICK HERE for a Paving Stone Gallery!

Pond & Waterfall Installation: 

We have expanded our water feature and pond building business by becoming a Certified Aquascape Contractor, CAC.  Aquascape is the largest manufacture of pond equipment, which also certifies Contractors to install their leading pond equipment.  Rest assured to be certified requires more than just signing a sheet.  Schubert Landscaping has spent years building this division.

Waterless Golf and Turf Installation: 

The Schubert Team is working with Eco Alliance who is part of the Synthetic Turf Council (STC).  The STC helps maintain good business practices and promotes proper installation as well as good product distribution.  We are currently one of their Certified Turf installers and hold to that quality with all our turf and golf green instillations.

Landscape lighting systems: 

The Schubert Landscaping lighting team has graduated from the University of Nightscape in Redlands.  We hold to high standards with the size of wire and the connections that are used.  All runs are calculated so as to achieve optimal efficiency and performance.  Wire nuts are not used in lighting construction as a loose connections may cause landscape fires.  We use only Ace Connectors with Heat shrink raps for a water tight, life time seals on each connection.

Project Management with each Job:  You can be sure that our qualified Staff will embrace your landscape vision.  Our on site project manager and foreman will also take care of every detail, to ensure your project runs smooth and completed in a timely manner.  Our Goal is that you will be able to relax and unwind as your landscape design unfolds.


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