The Importance of Vegetable Gardening

The economic crisis dictates that we have to be pro-active in finding a means of providing food for our families.  Simple gardening technologies are available to produce a sustainable food source for each member of your family. Worried about food supply?

Creating an Eco-Friendly Garden

Converting existing water consuming lawns into viable food producing gardens can have an impact on our planet. 

Why?  Because huge grass lawns consume our valuable resource “Water”.  Our other resource oil is used to cut our lawns and the trimmings are then sent to the dump.  If we modify or reduce the size of our lawns we use less water and oil, our single contribution may seem miniscule but the same contribution by millions can have an impact.

If we plant a garden in the same location and we use all our trimmings and or clippings from grass and trees and dead plants, then we will really be on to something.  We would actually reduce waste through recycling and composting. 

Besides all of these reasons, installing a vegetable garden will give us back a valuable resource “Food”.  Vegetable gardening can be done very simple and in small areas.  With this simple approach gardens can even be raised to allow wheel chair access.  The only stipulation is that your vegetables will need at least 6 hours of sunlight. 

We can design and install a simple vegetable garden which can provide viable food source for each of your family members.


Changing the way we use the planet